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If you have a dream of buying a home or owning a car, you may be thinking of getting a loan for it. This is the case especially when your savings cannot add up to the total amount required. To get approved for a loan, your lender will have to check your credit score to determine if you are a responsible borrower. If your credit score is poor, you may lose the chance of getting auto financing or any other loan you had applied for. 

At Merek & partners, we help you sustain a good credit score through our credit education programs. We understand that a good credit score will work in your favor when applying for loans which is why it is our main focus. In cases where nothing can be done to increase income or resolve debt problems, we refer you to a trustee in bankruptcy.

Why us

  • Our services are fast and efficient

It is quite annoying to have to wait in line all day just to be served. At Merek & Partners, this will not happen as we assure our clients about our timely services. This has been made possible due to our good staff to client ratio.

  • We offer exemplary services

Owing to our experience and longtime serving in the field, we are quite confident that our customers will enjoy first class services if they work with us. 

  • Your good credit worthiness is our goal

Since we understand how important it is for you to have a good credit score, we ensure to provide the best advice on the same. If your credit score rises, your credit worthiness is improved and that means our goal is achieved.


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